Hello there Antonio – new Digital Art Director/3D Artist at Cordovan!

The latest addition to the Cordovan staff is Antonio Magana – a man who knows and loves graphic design. He has worked at printers’ and used to run his own shop with a focus on 3D visualisation and digital communication. Read more about our new Digital AD/3D Artist. And watch him dance!

Hello, Antonio! Who are you?

– I’m a graphic designer and art director. I love to travel and spend time with my family, and my greatest passion is creative graphic work. Especially 3D and animations.

Tell us about your background!

– I grew up in Skåne (Scania) and moved to Gothenburg when I was ten. Then I spent three years in Chile, wanting to go to secondary school abroad and live with relatives. Even as a kid I had a great interest in design and visuals, so I chose a special design programme at Schillerska Gymnasiet (high school). I have also studied graphic processes at Media Blenders.

After the academy I got a job at Baldursson, a printshop, where I grew an interest in motion graphics. I started my own company, Breakin Motion, to make product videos, commercial film and websites. I had other employments, too – at advertising company Ackert and at EMKO, where I worked with printing, 3D visualisations and graphic design.

I have always dreamed of a job with an ad agency. When I saw that Cordovan was hiring, I applied right away.

What is the biggest challenge for a Digital Art Director an 3D Artist?

– It’s the instant communication of a company’s messages and values through a logo, for example, or an animation. And at the same time do it in a cool way, more interesting to the eye.

Where do you find inspiration?

– I get a lot of inspiration from other artists and design agencies. I follow the greatest design sites, like behance and ADC Global. To stay updated in 3D I use GC, and then it’s all about mastering the latest software and understanding the new functionality.

As a Digital Art Director/ 3D Artist I do design, such as logos and graphic profiles, but also 3D videos and animations.

In your book, what is good communication?

– Something simple yet creative. The challenge is to get a message across fast, in an interesting way.

The 2016 AICP Sponsor Reel – Dir Cut is an inspiring example if you’re into 3D and animations. I love how they have applied new technologies in that film. To put it simply, they have scanned dancers in a studio environment and their routines are transferred to data for the 3D programs. That way you can add effects and texture, making all moves and motions authentic but with an awesome touch of 3D effects.

Can you tell us about a project that you are especially proud of?

– I’m immensely proud of a product video I made for Xtrfy’s mouse pad. Xtrfy is a big name in the gaming world and in this video I explained the benefits of their mouse pad in a neat and simple way. I created the whole video from beginning to end and my client was very happy with it. Today the video has 28,000 views on YouTube.

What do you do on your own time?

– GIF animations! You can watch my latest animations on my Instagram account @themaganaway. And of course I spend a lot of time with my family and play with my two daughters. Another great interest of mine is breakdance, I practice breakdance at the Hip Hop Academy (in fact, I developed their graphic profile and manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts in my spare time).