How your company will succeed on Snapchat

Snapchat is the channel for the immediate moment. Here, the material disappears a few seconds after the recipient have opened the message. This is a channel with fine opportunities to be more personal, get closer to the audience and show more. The service has more than 100 million daily users and the majority is aged 12–25 years. If this is your target group, there is no doubt your company also should be on Snapchat.


Tips for beginners

  1. Consider whether Snapchat is the channel for you and your company. Do not create an account without reason. You must be able to add value to your target group by being active and involved.
  2. Get to know Snapchat. You will soon discover that it’s not a formal arena. This it is not a place for rigid, boring posts. Therefore, the second tip is keeping the account living! Communicate on users’ terms!
  3. >Publish “behind the scenes” clips and images. For example, show how a product is manufactured, preparations ahead of a trade fair, concert, or similar. That will give the followers a sense of closeness that, as previously mentioned, works perfectly since Snapchat is a personal medium.
  4. Arrange competitions via the Story function. Get the followers to watch the whole story and get involved.
  5. Be careful when you publish your posts since everything happens live. Set a timetable, but don’t be afraid to go the whole hog and be spontaneous at times.

Tips for those who are already using Snapchat

Perhaps you got started with snapchatting and think about how to get more followers to your account. Snapchat differs from other social media such as Facebook and Youtube, where posts can be shared, commented and liked. On Snapchat, it’s not that simple, so you have to practice and be patient. Here are our top tips:

  1. Use your other channels to promote your Snapchat account. Not only via social media, but also on the web, in newspapers, on posters, flyers, etc.
  2. Another good tip is to let a guest snapchatter, who already has many followers, take over your account and supply posts for a period. This way, you can show your company’s values and win new followers.
  3. Do not forget to pay attention to those who comment or share your posts in other forums.
  4. Be interesting and unique. Why should people be interested in following your account? Therefore, it is not a good idea to publish material that you have already published in another medium. Find the unique – and think outside the box!


Snapchat success stories

One who has done well on Snapchat is the Malmö Festival. They hired young people to do the snapchatting from the festival, and in less than a fortnight they got more than 1,000 new followers. Another successful example of a creative Snapchat campaign is Burberry's advertising campaign, developed exclusively for Snapchat supporters!