Make strategy work more exciting with gamification

Make strategy work more exciting with gamification

To help companies create engaging communication we developed The Cordovan Game. A physical game and a workshop where we play together with our customers to form insights, strategies and ideas that strengthen your brand and your business. 

The game board for market communication has been redrawn. Today’s media noise is overwhelming, purchase processes are increasingly complex and options are so many they boggle your mind. To help our clients we have developed The Cordovan Game – a workshop and a strategic tool to lay the foundations of your upcoming marketing plan or communication strategy.


“In The Cordovan Game, full focus is on your business and your challenges”

How do you play the game?

In The Cordovan Game we gather to discuss and share our knowledge and experience of issues such as target audiences, media consumption, business segment, competitors, and customer behaviour. In many ways, the game resembles a classic board game: you toss the dice, move your game piece on the board and depending of where the dice leads you your team answers questions in various categories. But this time it’s not a quiz about historic events or popular culture. In the Cordovan Game, full focus is on your company and your challenges. The deck of cards – with all the questions – can be prepared in advance with questions tailored to fit different companies’ needs.


Questions can be about the brand’s position, target audience behaviour, or trends and tech developments that affect your industry. And it’s the discussions in the teams and in the whole group that lead to valuable insights. Thus, a funny game becomes an efficient tool for solving the mysteries of the customer journey, gather important insights into the positioning puzzle, and create the ultimate communication strategy. 


What is the result of The Cordovan Game?

Our game lays the foundation for a marketing plan or communication strategy. Our analyses and the strategic direction are detailed in a document – “Plan of Engagement” – that Cordovan presents shortly after the workshop. It’s a compilation that maps up the customer journey, the role of communication in its various phases, channel strategy, and not least suggestions and propositions as to strategic goals, target audiences, KPIs, time schedule and budget. Beyond this, Cordovan can develop creative concepts, messages and content to create communication that strengthens your brand and your business.


Who can play?

We recommend a mix of participants to represent different aspects of the company’s operations. It can be marketers, sales reps, product managers, customer service, and any other person that should be included to contribute with insights. Cordovan will be represented by three or four experts in different disciplines. For example a planner, a creative, and a PR specialist. Also, a strategist from Cordovan is game master, and takes on the role of moderator and referee. 


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