Our new platform Wizitory helps you create virtual events in 3D

Out of the covid-19 crisis emerged the idea of Wizitory – our new platform for creating virtual events in 3D. “We want to take digital events to a new level and have developed a platform that makes it easy to create 3D events that are both inspiring both in terms of design and the focus on user experience”, says Mikael Stenberg at Cordovan Communication, who is one of the people behind Wixitory. 


“The interest in Wizitory has exceeded our expectations and we have already built and designed global trade shows, local exhibitions, showrooms, and not least a whole virtual college in 3D. And we are now working on our first digital 3D festival”, says Mikael Stenberg.

During the corona pandemic we have seen a great demand for digital events and that’s how the idea of Wizitorytook shape.

”As interest in digital events grow, expectations grow, too. An increasing number of companies put more resources on creating digital events that really engage their visitors. And then it’s simply not enough to stage a live event or a traditional webinar,” says Mikael and continues:

“Because we are essentially an advertising agency we know the importance of design and its ability to spur curiosity and capture people’s interest. Our 3D creatives and digital experts have spent nine months creating Wizitory.


In short, Wizitory helps organizations and companies create 3D environments, tailored for conferences, trade shows, education, festivals, exhibitions, and other types of events.

“We build, design and supply content for digital events. It can be, for example, a building that is well known to the customer and the target audience, an existing showroom, or a fictitious event area of thousands of square metres. We create a unique design with visualizations to the customer’s wishes and specifications. Beyond that, we also create a user interface, interactivity, and content for the digital events. This includes live streaming, pre-recorded material with live chats, films, chats, votings, meetings, competitions, 3D demos of new products and other marketing material.” Says Joakim Stamming, Art Director at Cordovan Communication.

The new digital platform is both html based and responsive – which means that it works perfectly regardless of what bowser and device you use. What’s more, the platform has the capacity for an unlimited number of visitors and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

Using Wizitory, global and local companies have arranged virtual events in Australia, North and South America, China, Europe, and the Middle East – in industries such as food, nutrition, research, and education. 

Want to know more? Contact Mikael Stenberg. Phone +46 708 798 281 or e-mail mikael.stenberg@cordovan.se