We are nominated to the Swedish Design Award

Cordovan Communication together with our client BillerudKorsnäs are nominated to this year’s Swedish Design Award (Svenska Designpriset), Sweden’s biggest design prize. The competition is decided by a renowned jury but also by a public vote. The voting is open until 20 September, anyone can vote for their favourite and we of course hope that you like our entry and go vote at designpriset.se 

The purpose of the award is to support and develop Swedish design and communication. The competition is open to everyone who works with design and visual communication. A jury of nine big names in the Swedish design community have selected the nominees in a number of different categories. And this year Cordovan and our client are nominated in the packaging category.

Our entry

We enter the competition with “Precious”, an advanced packaging design we have created together with our client BillerudKorsnäs – a leading supplier of packaging material. The purpose of “Precious” was to create a package to showcase how designers can fulfil their ideas and intentions when creating appealing, functional and sustainable packaging, using the new packaging material CrownBoard Prestige.

The result was a selling, differentiated packaging solution whose construction and design place high demands on the material – especially in terms of strength, shapeability and printing surface. The Precious package is, for example, printed in 4-colour offset, foil stamped, treated with two different kinds of UV varnish for effect, embossed, print varnished, die cut, folded and glued.


How to vote

Voting in BillerudKorsnäs’ category starts on Monday 14 September. The window is open for one week.

  1. Go to designpriset.se/rostning
  2. Choose category
  3. Select the entry you want to vote for
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Verify your vote 

The prize ceremony will be held at Berns in Stockholm on 12 November – to award winners with 28 gold medals and 28 silver diplomas. The awards are based to 50% on jury votes and 50% on the people’s votes.