YouTubers engage young people in the choice of high school

  • Kund:
    Kunskapsförbundet Väst
  • Uppdrag:
    High school campaign
  • När:
  • Vad:
    Advertising, PR, Social media

Our thoughts

Kunskapsförbundet is one of West Sweden's largest education providers and responsible for three local high schools in Trollhättan and Vänersborg. With 16 different education programmes, these schools offer the widest range in the region – which we wanted to communicate to the 1,000 ninth graders in the target group. We also wanted to strengthen the schools' position versus their main competitors – the private schools.

With a limited budget, we had to create an engaging and easily spread campaign. Therefore, we chose Instagram and YouTube since a very large part of the target group is active there.

Our actions

To put focus on the choice of high school in a playful manner while, at the same time, display the schools’ wide course range, we turned to two of Sweden’s most popular influencers. In the campaign, we let Therese Lindgren and Sam Nilsson Ezeh perform charades on Instagram, each linked to a specific education programme offered by Kunskapsförbundet.

We started the account @charadparad, and for four weeks Sam and Therese posted new movies every day where they tried to impersonate professions such as astronaut, tour guide and personal trainer – all professions that you eventually can have if you study at any of Kunskapsförbundet’s schools. We also added a competitive element to the campaign; the first person who correctly named the profession in the comment field won a cinema ticket.

What happened

After one week, @charadparad had received more than 13,000 followers on Instagram. Moreover, media such as SVT Väst, P4 Väst, TTELA, Vänersborgaren and Trollhättan 7 dagar put focus on the campaign in several articles and features.

Overall, the campaign resulted in over one million views, 67,000 likes and 24,000 comments. The vist rate on Kunskapsförbundet’s website “hittaprogrammet.se”(find the programme) also increased by more than 110% compared with the corresponding period last year. In addition, more students than ever arrived at schools’ Open House Days.

But most important of all – the campaign resulted in a substantial increase of applicants compared with previous years!